Thursday, 30 November 2017

Scratch Coding

This week, we used the Scratch programme during our coding session. SCRATCH is a programming language (CODE) that lets you create your own interactive stories,animations, games, music, and art.
We started by learning the basics - step by step. We learned about the stage, sprites, palette of commands, code area etc. 
From our work on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, we had drawn pictures of an underwater scene. This was our first project to create it using Scratch. We also had some free time to explore the programme and choose our own stories.

Explore at home also.

We look forward to our final session next week!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

An Introduction to Coding

We are very happy to have Aideen in for a few weeks to teach us how to do coding.

We began by learning the language of coding - code, programmer, sequence, loop, commands etc. We are excited about becoming programmers over the next few weeks.

We were happy to get the laptops out for the first time this year, for Session 2. We learned about the different parts of the computer. We played our first coding game - Blockly! This is a type of coding where you connect blocks together to form code.

Session 3 was Coding with Angry Birds. Our mission was to catch the naughty pig. We worked very well through the levels.

Coding Angry Birds


Thursday, 16 November 2017

Days of the Week

We are learning about the Days of the Week in Maths and we are also learning how to spell them.

This chant helps us.
Days of the Week Chant

These games help us to read, learn and spell the days.

Find the Treasure

Memory Game

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The Eye Test

Today, two opticians, Síofra and Mairéad, visited our school to test our eyes. They only picked a few First Classes in the country to have the eye test so we are very lucky.

We talked about the experience:
I measured my eye with a special machine. Sienna
I got eye drops. Seán C
I was nervous about the eye drops because they can sting. Cathal
We had to read letters on a board– some were tiny. Emily
They had a special camera where they took a picture of our eyes. Marysia
We had to look at a red dot on the camera. Seán H
We got disposable glasses. These help us with bright light. Adam
We got stickers. Artiom
We measured our height and weight. Dylan
Our eyes are blurry – we find it hard to see our school work. James Mc
We wore two pairs of glasses – one had a patch on the left and the other had a patch on the right. Mischa
The orange pair was left and the green pair was right. James R
We had to read a flip book. James Mc 
I coloured a Halloween picture while we were waiting our turn. Jack
I coloured a picture. Amelie 
We add stickers to our pictures. Laoise

As our eyes are blurry and also, as a reward for all our help with the eye study, we have no homework. Woohoo!!! 

Maths Week 2017

We are playing Maths Games, solving Maths challenges and doing Maths Trail as part of Maths Week. We are seeing and using Maths all around us.

Here we are playing Boo Bump, a Halloween addition game and working with our teams on our Maths trail.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Tinwhistle Time

We had our first tinwhistle lesson last week. We had been looking forward to it all month. We learned part of the scale - the notes B A G. We play these notes with our left hand. We even played a full tune - Mary had a Little Lamb.
For homework, we will practise these two things:
- scale B A G
- our tune 'Mary had a Little Lamb'

September Maths

We are working very hard in our Maths lessons. We are counting forwards and backwards to 20 and even 50. Sing along at home to our Counting Back from 20 song.

Here are some games we played in September that can be played at home also.

Ordering and Sequencing Numbers

Ordinal Number

Math Magician
Monster Subtraction